Active office workers that need a modern printer that does more than just printing, need to check out the newest SHARP product. This company regularly launches items that surprise the audience. They recreate products that we already know in a different, better way; that is what SHARP did with the new multifunctional device.

SHARP’s printer does not only print papers of standard A4 and A3 sizes, it also prints banners up to 1.2 meters long! That feature is extremely rare. People usually need to visit local printing shops to print banners. With this product, that’s not necessary anymore. Anyone can print high-quality large papers without exiting the office.

To keep up-to-date with the highest standards of the industry, SHARP introduced multiple innovative options. The new printer supports Wi-Fi, Cloud, as well as Server printing and sending. It has a security system of several layers, which protects documents and stores them safely. Also, this device prints, scans, and copies in high speed and resolution!

In addition to selling this outstanding product, SHARP also offers IT Outsourcing in Hong Kong. Office workers and representatives can call the support team anytime for a wide range of services. The SHARP team can install a certified Antivirus, set up one or more computers, set up the network, business software, or backup data on computers.

Clients from Hong Kong can easily get in touch with SHARP’s customer support to order the popular printer or request IT services. After sending a message, they will receive a fast response and prompt service shortly.