Lab diamond is a sensation that has been taking over the world for over a decade. In Hong Kong, a diamond brand that integrates diamond production, loose diamond wholesale and retail, called Lab Star Jewellery Company Limited, gained enormous popularity in the region. People are more and more excited about the idea of grown diamonds.

Developing technologies for industrial uses of a lab diamond was not an easy process. It took over 50 years to finally be able to produce beautiful diamonds that can be used for jewellery. Once the technology was developed, Lab Star worked on its continual improvement. Today, jewellery admirers can purchase impressive jewellery pieces of grown diamonds in a variety of colors and sizes.

One of the advantages of grown diamonds over earth-mined diamonds is the price difference. Lab diamond is significantly more affordable than the diamond we are used to seeing in the jewellery industry. An even better fact is that the difference in appearance between these two types of diamonds is minimal. Regular purchasers and diamond enthusiasts can barely spot any differences. It takes a jewellery expert to recognize that they are not the same.

The primary goal of Lab Star was to promote the lab diamond in Hong Kong. For many decades, this company worked on its goal and success is imminent. Now, grown diamonds are more present than ever. They are not difficult to order anymore and people can even find them in luxury jewellery stores. The next goal is to promote the idea globally – the mission has started so we can expect a great expansion of grown diamonds worldwide.