CorVino, a top-class wine school in Hong Kong invites all enthusiasts to take part in premium wine and sake course that will open the door to countless opportunities in a competitive industry in Hong Kong and worldwide. Interested clients can attend the WSET Level 1, WSET Level 2, and Level 3 courses, depending on their knowledge and skills.

Educators at CorVino determine the clients’ groups after a brief test that shows their knowledge in the field. Usually, participants begin from the first level of the wine or a sake course because the starting levels contain useful information that serves as a foundation for all the skills that are obtained later. However, certain experienced clients may enter the WSET Level 2 or higher levels directly.

While the first level teaches participants how to explore the world of wines through taste, smell, and sight, the WSET Level 2 improves all those skills. It helps the learners become more independent about making their conclusions about wines and doing wine pairings. The second level is also an introduction to the third level which is the final step for people considering prospering in the industry. After each level of the wine or sake course, all the participants receive elite certifications that serve as a powerful reference for future job opportunities.

CorVino is proud to be the starting point for many reputable wine experts in the region. This organization looks forward to new generations of wine enthusiasts that will leave a mark on the industry and represent the quality of CorVino in the best possible ways.