Teenagers in Hong Kong face high levels of stress. Growing up puts great pressure on young people as they worry about their studies, future, environment, and society. A professional Mental Health Service HK assists youth in tackling these challenges.

KELY Support Group is a non-profit organization that provides a superb Teenage Harm Reduction program in Hong Kong. Since 1991, KELY has been supporting young people through engaging services that help them manage emotions, stress, and other factors that may disturb their mental development. All the programs are carefully designed to meet the needs of teenagers in the region. The Mental Health Service HK constantly changes and improves in order to target up-to-date problems of teenagers.

One of the main obstacles that used to prevent young people from learning enough about mental health was the lack of engaging Teenage Harm Reduction programs in Hong Kong. It was extremely difficult to get the attention of the youth and encourage them to take care of their mental health. Thus, KELY created a system that includes interesting theoretical lessons, as well as captivating activities that bring young people together and make learning easier than ever.

KELY Support Group provides its excellent Teenage Harm Reduction program to all interested educational institutions in Hong Kong. Potential partners can get in touch with KELY’s representatives to create a plan that will make a significant impact on the region. This organization invites all interested community leaders to team up and work on a healthy future for teenagers in Hong Kong.