A person’s drinking patterns, such as the number of drinks consumed per day, and how often they pour a drink can affect their health. Some people may have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, and some may experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking. Alcohol abuse can be associated with many types of problems in a person’s life, including physical or mental health problems, poor performance at work, legal problems, social problems, and family problems. Regarding physical health problems, alcohol abuse can lead to high blood pressure, seizures, delirium tremens (a potentially fatal form of alcohol withdrawal), depression, suicide, accidents, injuries, and even death. Concerning mental health problems, a person who abuses alcohol can lose his/ her self-esteem because he/ she thinks that there’s nothing he/ she is able to succeed in.

With that in mind, alcohol abuse support HK and mental health support HK are very important. With alcohol abuse support HK, the alcoholic will be able to find a way out and feel supported along the way. You know, alcohol withdrawal is not an easy task and they really could use some help. And with mental health support HK, the troubled individual will not consume alcohol in order to “feel better” again.