Keeping up with innovative digital systems is exceptionally important for educational institutions. The Faculty of Humanities has taken that approach to a whole new level by providing services that contribute to the dissemination and advancement of knowledge. The mission of Digital Humanities is to build upon the traditional strengths of the Faculty in Literature, Language and Culture.

With an all-inclusive humanistic research environment, Digital Humanities conducts innovative research that affects the academic arena in Hong Kong significantly. Graduates of the Faculty build strong skills in communication and multicultural awareness. They are capable of analyzing, synthesizing and reflecting on the knowledge critically in several disciplines. Those techniques help them resolve critical issues and challenges they face in their future personal and professional lives.

The faculty of Digital Humanities is located in Hong Kong. However, the knowledge and abilities that students learn can help them regionally and internationally. The standard of this educational institution can par with even the well-known, prestigious faculties all around the world.

One of the areas that students are exceptionally interested in is the Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Digital Communication. The program provides superior courses that serve to build a strong foundation in linguistics, English language and digital literacy. Students utilize exceptional digital tools that help them manage language applications efficiently. The goals of the program include the demonstration of top-level proficiency in English, the development of digital content for applications, as well as the development and application of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Ambitious students are encouraged to join the Digital Humanities and reach their maximum potential in digital literacy, which is crucial for their future academic and business endeavors.