UC. Now is a Virtual Career Fair Platform that aims to become the main software for online meetings, lessons, and webinars of large institutions and recruitment companies around the world. This Webinar Platform is different from most websites that serve to attend virtual meetings. It is not only a space that people can use for group video chatting. UC. Now has much more to offer.

To begin with, the Virtual Career Fair Platform has features that only the admin of the channel can use. The leader can invite users and send notifications about the time of the meeting. All the members of the channel will receive the invitation and they can attend the event timely. Following this, the Webinar Platform enables users to upload materials that other participants can access. That being said, if UC. Now is used as a tool for online lessons, the teacher can submit all the materials that students can download and check at all times.

Staff recruitment companies use the Virtual Career Fair Platform to interview and shortlist the best job candidates. Job seekers can upload CVs and other relevant files to UC. Now employers can check them out without exiting the site. Moreover, the employers can choose up to three slots for interviews and the system will automatically schedule them. Then, UC. Now will send emails to the candidates and notify them about the time of the next interview.

This Webinar Platform served greatly for virtual events during the COVID-19 quarantine. Large institutions and companies used UC. Now for meetings, interviews, and online lessons. This software continues to grow and its success is not related to quarantine anymore. The goal of UC. Now is to become an integral part of educational institutions and recruitment companies. Considering the success the platform has had so far, the odds that UC. Now I will achieve extremely ambitious goals.