UC NOW is becoming the leading Virtual Education Fair Platform in Hong Kong! Companies and educational institutions need a reliable platform that will serve all communication purposes. UC NOW is a powerful website that offers various tools for easy event management. Users can host events and use advanced Onsite Event Technical Services at all times.

Members can utilize pre-built templates to prepare and create events. They can customize the templates or use the standard versions, depending on their preferences. The Virtual Education Fair Platform allows users to invite attendees to the events. Therefore, organizers can invite even people that are not registered to the website. The User Training and Rehearsal helps members organize the event effectively and provides additional tools for its simple management.

Users are especially interested in the Onsite Event Technical Services. When they have any IT issues, clients do not have to look for local IT support; they can ask UC NOW for assistance. This modern Virtual Education Fair Platform can ensure customers receive full packages of IT services that include Local Project Manager, Software Design and Development, Technical Support, Cloud Storage, and more.

Onsite Event Technical Services save clients’ money and time. Considering that most jobs revolve around those two factors, customers are using UC NOW to improve their productivity and increase online communication to the highest level. Great results and respectful partnerships built an amazing reputation for UC NOW; clients are free to consult this firm and digitalize their working, learning, and management methods as soon as possible.