Hung Hing is the leading printing company in Asia with an enormous global presence. One of the most recognizable features of this company, apart from its high quality, is the green sustainable material used for the puzzle printing service, book printing, and a range of printing styles that customers cannot find anywhere else.

Since 1950. Hung Hing has been building an impeccable reputation with its innovative business approach, modern technologies and equipment, top-class service and green sustainable material utilization. Over the years, the industry has been changing constantly and Hung Hing was continually ahead of its time; offering services that customers could not find anywhere else, such as the puzzle printing service, bulk printing and worldwide book distribution for children and adults.

Green sustainable material plays an important role in Hung Hing’s operations. The motive behind the implementation of this material was to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Following that, Hung Hing acquired eco-friendly materials that top the quality of any superficial materials. Therefore, the good cause and great results came together.

Hung Hing provides an exceptional puzzle printing service for businesses and individuals around the globe. Whether clients request a large order of high-quality puzzles for their stores or they are passionate about mosaics and look for authentic puzzles for their collections or would like to place a special order for gifting purposes, Hung Hing can meet their needs. All clients must do is share an idea and requests and a professional team will deliver astonishing results quickly and efficiently