The director of Bank of Asia, Mr. Carson Wen, has provided more updates on his latest employment disagreement with his former worker, visit here to learn more about the legal proceedings. Mr. Carson Wen advised that he has filed in an appeal to the Privy Council in the UK concerning the matter and will not back down. While Mr. Carson Wen will continue to work on setting the record straight, his former worker and two other co-defendants have been filed for breach of contract, breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duties in Hong Kong. Leading one of the most prominent private investment banks, Bank of Asia (BVI), Mr. Carson Wen stressed that the bank will not be affected by the legal proceedings as it is not part of the legal matter. Focusing on his work to develop a better world, Mr. Carson Wen has devoted his investment funding on developing new energy and technology. As the lead of the Bank of Asia, Mr. Carson Wen also directed the bank’s work to provide a cost-effective technological banking experience. Bank of Asia not only is working on providing an innovative technological bank, but they are also an expert in offshore banking in the BVI area, they are committed in working with clients within the Asia Pacific area. They have strong relationships in China and across Asia, hence is able to provide essential legal guidance in the financial area for businesses in Asia Pacific. As a result, Mr. Carson Wen has also been awarded by HKSAR of his financial contribution between Hong Kong, China and other countries.