Business owners and managers can use the MEMO + Event Planner HK for all-inclusive event management in Hong Kong. Organizing an event is not an easy task if the organizer wants to leave a good impression on guests. There is a complicated preparation procedure that includes several important tasks. MEMO + takes responsibility for all these tasks for their clients as a part of the Event Planner HK. 

The first phase of the service focuses on the project planning. This part includes budgeting, venue selection, and other preparation activities. The second phase of the Event Planner HK covers the theme design (decorations, graphics). Following this, the MEMO team provides high-quality visual and audio support. Moreover is one of the most important tasks – inviting sponsors, partners, influential people, media, and other guests. In case there is any other task related to the Event Planner HK, MEMO Plus will arrange it. 

MEMO + also offers PR Crisis HK. This service supports businesses in crisis by managing all the PR-related problems. In case the client’s company is suffering a crisis, the MEMO Plus team will work on maintaining a good brand image, relaxing the customers and employees, and responding to all of their questions. 

The PR Crisis HK saves companies from disasters! If business owners neglect their public relations because of internal issues, those problems will reflect on the clientele. In case that happens, even if the company recovers, the reputation will never be the same again. With the PR Crisis HK service, businessmen can focus on improving their companies rather than worrying about the PR – MEMO + will take care of that.