UC NOW. is an innovative Digital Expo Platform HK that completely changed the way companies engage online. The Hybrid Conference Solution HK was created years ago but it reached its peak popularity during COVID-19 quarantine. Business people finally understood the necessity of having a stable platform they can use for online meetings. UC NOW. offered them all the tools to reduce the consequence of quarantine restrictions. The effectiveness of UC NOW. was so powerful that this platform extended its reach and became much more than a temporary solution.

Hybrid Conference Solution HK is ideal for webinars and conferences. It is a Digital Expo Platform HK that communities can use for various purposes. InfoHub is a revolutionary private cloud for users of UC NOW. Members can utilize it for live webinars, a connection hub for online engagement, and a centralized knowledge library, among others.

UC NOW. is not only a video conferencing link that will serve its short purpose and disappear. It is a Hybrid Conference Solution HK that provides advanced tools for virtual events but it is also a place that members can use to share files, book meetings, check the previously-used materials, and much more. Administrators can customize their channels, create events, invite people, send reminders, upload content, and use this software to connect and share information at all times. They can also download documents and video reviews, among other features.

Digital Expo Platform HK is an ideal solution for companies, educational institutions, and communities that need stable software to use for online meetings, file sharing, events, and all types of virtual connections. The registration and utilization are simple and easy so new members are welcome to improve their virtual engagement and start using UC NOW.