UC. NOW is a Digital Expo Platform HK that enables members to connect virtually and attend classes, training, and other meetings from home simply and easily. During the COVID-19 quarantine, UC. NOW was the main Online Staff Training Platform for various reputable companies that needed stable and secure software to recruit staff.

Job Centre™ is innovative workflow-driven automation that serves for talent recruitment and personnel engagement. The Online Staff Training Platform has unique features that maximize the opportunities for successful matchmaking.

This Digital Expo Platform HK has advanced filters that allow job seekers to find open jobs positions and apply immediately. Employers can review applications easily and use the automated scheduling for all interviews. Only by selecting time slots (up to 3) and submitting the form, recruiters will receive a schedule for interviews, which will help them organize better. UC. NOW will also inform the candidates about the time of the interviews.

As a growing Online Staff Training Platform that had its peak during the quarantine time, UC. NOW is aiming to become the leading recruitment software worldwide. The necessity of a quality program that allows employers to hire people internationally has been pending for a long time. UC. NOW is the Digital Expo Platform HK that will take online interviews to the next level. The quality of the software is so high that it will cut down the time and costs of recruiters that must travel across the world frequently to find qualified staff. With the help of this website, they will be able to keep hiring talented people without moving from the country of residence.